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My Shiseido Camellia Blush Compact [a dream come true] thanks to @MyWomanStuff/Paris

One of my favourite beauty blogs is MyWomanStuff, a serious blog with a serious opinion. This is the opinion of a woman called Paris and she likes to blog about things she likes, mainly beauty related products. The thing I really like about her writing is that she gives her unsalted opinoin and doesn’t waste time on shizzle she doesn’t like. She has a slight addition to pretty luxurious beauty products, especially blush. Now I love blush as much as the next gal, but reading about wonderful blushes like Dior ones and this grand blush Camellia Compact just unleashed a bigger lust for blush.

In one of her post she described Sheiseido’s Camellia Compact and I was sold, I just had to have it. I began my search for this compact and ended up learning that I might have a chance of procuring it round christmas time at one of the biggest department stores in Holland the Bijenkorf. I had a choice between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and living nearest to Amsterdam I set myself a mission to go and see if I could get it. I have to be honest with you, I failed and I learned later that there was no Camellia to be found in Holland at all [you can imagine my disappointment].

Then one day last month I received a message via Twitter from Paris, to send her an email and I did. She wrote to me that she had an extra Camellia and asked if I still wanted to have it? Well of course I wanted this beauty, I have never been more disappointed not getting a make-up product. I couldn’t believe it, I was getting my lovely Camellia and that it had to get to me all the way from Malaysia, can you believe my luck? My husband thought it weird and strange, why would people do this and want nothing in return… wel… I answered… Sharing Is Caring and thank god there are people that are just that ‘weird and strange’ thank you very much mister.

It took a couple of weeks but then I got this wonderful envelope, my husband and the mail guy were discussing what was so special that I had to get it all the way from Malaysia :-).



I couldn’t believe it, Paris had sent me a whole envelope with shizzle, and look it’s all shizzle I can’t get here in Holland. A dream come true with mascara & lip balm on top :-). As you can imagine I was very happy and I took my phone to thank Paris immediately and let her know that her wonderful gift had arrived and how happy I was [and still am by the way].

shiseido camellia P1070928

For as long as I can kinda] afford luxury beauty products I have a love affaire with Shisiedo, not just their cosmetics range is wonderful but also their make-up is of great quality. The design and the packaging I love, the colour and the feel make the make-up experience one to cherish. Isn’t it just beautiful and wouldn’t you love to have this something as pretty as this?

shiseido camellia shiseido camellia

As soon as my precious Camellia came in I started taking pictures, but it took about two weeks before I wanted to swatch and use her. Really… it is so pretty I just wanted to keep it untouched and pretty, I know that sounds weird and I don’t often have that, but this is just up my alley it’s perfect. As you can see this blush compact bursts of freshness and colour and after making swatches I decided to use the colours all together and behold the magic of grand make-up. There is not much more to say than… thank you very much Paris, I love my Camellia!

You will be seeing more of Camellia soon, I think she and I are friends for ever and It will be a great honour to use her up, such beauty isn’t made to rot away in drawers. So if you ever get your hands on one of these compacts, don’t hesitate, just buy it!

What do you think, do you have a love affaire with one product, have you ever not used something because you wanted it so bad you don’t want to damage it?



8 thoughts on “My Shiseido Camellia Blush Compact [a dream come true] thanks to @MyWomanStuff/Paris

  1. Aww you look absolutely lovely! The blush does suit you well 😀 Happy that you like it and yes, use it up and use it often! That’s what beautiful makeup is for, to make us beautiful xx

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