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Live, Love & Learn – Expect nothing, and you will never get disappointed

You should not expect people to do for you, you should do for you! Expecting other people to do for you will only set you up for disappointment, and nothing else. Nobody owes you anything, and if you think they do, you should talk to them about it to make sure you are on the […]

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Safe in the Sun – SPF is the way to go

The SPF subject is one I am passionate about, and have taken it upon myself to be a advocate for sun protection. I think this is one of the most discussed topics on my blog, and it comes up regularly on my social media, as I think this is still something that needs a lot […]

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Live, Love & Learn – When it’s out of your control, let it go! 

When it’s out of your control, let it go! One of the most profound things I have ever heard, why… because it brings inner peace, and instant focus on the things you can control. You can control your behaviour, your next step, your attitude, your reaction. It makes sense when you read it doesn’t it, […]

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WojisOnBeauty Migrating | We expect minimal to no downtime

WojisOnBeauty is migrating, we expect minimal to no downtime. We have chosen to migrate due to several critical issues we encountered over the last few months. Not just with the website, but also with email, and other services provided. With this migration we will be up more, down less, thus more time to create more […]

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BECCA Cosmetics Bronzing Skin Perfector | Primer & Bronzer

BECCA Cosmetics Bronzing Skin Perfector | Primer & Bronzer. Waarom deze beauty, ten eerste ben ik ben dol op producten die meerdere dingen tegelijk goed doen, daarnaast is dit een heel mooi product voor mijn huid en geeft het een geweldig mooie tijdelijke zomerse teint. Ik ben nog niet zover dat ik een zelfbruinen wil […]

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Jurkjes & Rokjes Maart | 2019 Edition #jurkjesmaand

Hij is er weer, de jurkjes & rokjes maand, zoals ieder jaar in de maand maart, in ieder geval bij Wojis On Beauty. Dit jaar iets anders dan de jaren hiervoor, ik heb op Facebook een groep aangemaakt, zo is het volgen en posten van foto’s gemakkelijker, sneller en loopt het event een hele maand […]

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Live, Love & Learn – Food Prep[aration]

Today I want tot talk about food, mostly about being prepared for any [eating]situation, and how I tacle food preparation. Remember my easy philosophy for food the Crossfit way; eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. This is the base, the fundament for my nutrition if you will. […]

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Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Foundation | Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15

Elle est belle et elle enchante mon visage. Yes, I know a bold statement from my side. I am in love with the Vitalumière Aqua foundation, can’t get enough to it, have been wearing it most days since I bought it. The Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Foundation is a very light foundation, with I would say medium to […]

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Live, Love & Learn – Mental Health

Physical health gets a lot of press, we like to talk about physical health a lot, being fit, looking fit, that is a big part of social media nowadays. I believe a big part of physical health starts in your head, your mental health is just as important as the physical one. Works both ways […]

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Dry hair, totally care! | Kérastase Résistance

Today I want to talk about my hero in times of need, when all else fails, when I am about to cut off my hair again! I’m talking about my go to haircare line from Kérastase, the Résistance series, this line of products are anti-breakage hair care products, that rebuild the internal structure of weakened […]

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WojisOnBeauty Anniversary | This time I was prepared #wojisonbeautythelastfewyears

I wrote about my blog anniversary last year, and my plans for my blog. It all turned out differently, not completely, just not exactly. That by the way is my lesson on planning ahead, it just won’t work out if you have to balance more than possible in a set timeframe. I InstaBlog quite a […]

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Physically on empty | All breaks on!

I felt it for weeks now, I was running on empty! Kept postponing filling up, just a few days more, just a little rest, keep it up… and then I hit the empty wall.  It started with a severe nosebleed, blood was gushing out of my nose, off and on for about 13 hours. This […]

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Bathroom Beliefs | My body failed me!

I was thinking about this while cleaning our bathroom, I was thinking of it being a workout, and getting my bathroom clean at the same time. Thinking about the stance of my feet, dividing the work over both my arms, and how working hard in the box makes everyday tasks easier. Then it came back […]

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Beauty Food is Good

#FoodIsGood | Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Truffles

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Truffles  My first batch of protein-dates-cocoa truffles, I’m not sure about the peanut butter, think the next batch will be without. Ingredients: About ten/10 medjool dates pitted (if very dry, soak in water of the almond milk) 75g hazlenut 75g pecan nuts 30g chocolate protein powder (I used Orangefit) 30g vanilla […]

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CrossFit | CrossFit didn’t change my life!

CrossFit didn’t change my life, really it didn’t. I hear that a lot around me, I read a lot about how CrossFit changes lives, but I think that is wrong. I went for the whole CrossFit ride, soaked in the atmosphere, did all the things I thought I needed to do. I even embraced the […]

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