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Live, Love & Learn – Food Prep[aration]

Today I want tot talk about food, mostly about being prepared for any [eating]situation, and how I tacle food preparation. Remember my easy philosophy for food the Crossfit way; eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. This is the base, the fundament for my nutrition if you will. From here I chose what to eat, and what to prepare, you can be a nurd about it and go even deeper, but if you stick to the basics, you are good! If you are not sure, just stick to food that had a mommy, grows like a plant, and has not gone threw a machine to be reprocessed and packed [vegans and vegetarians same thing, just leave out the meat]. Food is fuel, so what I need to function normally must go in at least, making sure I eat the best quality I can get my hands on, and it fits my budget.

For me cooking and food prepping my own food is the way to go, precooked meals you can order online are to expensive, I don’t want to spend all my money on precooked meals. But there are a lot of options for healthy and clean precooked meals, you go for it if you can afford it, ik makes life a lot easier. Even if you don’t use them all the time, just have a few stand buy, just in case you need it. I you don’t have a lot of time preparing meals, just buy pre cut vegetables and meat, make it easy on yourself. For instance, I made a big batch of soup for my lunch the next two weeks; red lentil soup with bell pepper & tomatoes, and split pea soup with seasonal vegetables. I puree the soup when its cooled off, put the soup in 450ml storage containers, and freeze the whole lot. This makes lunch easy, I take the soup I want out of the freezer, and add a sale, fruit or whatever I want to eat to accompany my soup, and lunch or diner is done. I decide upfront for the whole week what will go with my soup. Piece of fruit, little leftover from diner, maybe a wrap with cottage cheese and cucumber, just make sure you have it in the fridge ready to go. That is really the key to nutritional succes, you need to be prepared. Same goes for snacks, have an apple of two ready in your bag when you leave the house, it’s food and drink in a handy natural container. You could go for bars and shakes, but I try and keep those to a minimum, real clean food as much as possible.

Same goes for salads, chose your ingredients, have them chopped and ready in the fridge. Then throw what you want together and you are good to go. People always say dressing is a problem, I like prep my dressing too, you can freeze it or have a prepared container in the fridge, pop the dressing in a small container in the morning, and by the time lunch comes around it’s all ready to go. One of my favourite summer-in-a-salad  dressing that goed with everything is raspberries, lemon juice and some seasoning, blend well and presto. Fruit and veggies you can eat out of your hand are so easy, I always have enough of those in the house; my favourites are bell peppers, apples and bananas. Those are easy, quick, delicious and are usable in variable ways. Thit way eating the rainbow becomes an easy task, just make sure you have it ready to be eaten.

Now don’t make excuses for yourself, just start figuring out what works for you, and how you van achieve your food prepping. You don’t need 200 different recipes, just a few basic ones you can stick with for the first few weeks, and add on from there. If you haven’t discovered the broad world of soup making, put in some effort, it’s quick, easy, nutritious, and delicious, and that coming form a soup-is-not-a-meal person, that says enough.

Just make sure you set yourself up for succes, if you don’t have bad choices at hand, just the health good ones ready to go, you won’t be tempted to take the unhealthy way out. Goed for drinks too, if you are a soda drinker, make sure you carry a water bottle with you when you go out, or an apple [snack & drink in one]. Maybe you’ll all find at a big hassle, just start with breakfast, I decided about a year ago to eat two eggs each morning, and I have been ever since. I pair it with cucumber, peppers, melon, sometimes just eggs. When I really don’t want to eat eggs, or need something else to change it up a little bit, or run out of eggs I have oatmeal or yoghurt and fruit. So I make sure I always have oatmeal ready, and fruit [my go to fruit is frozen raspberries and dried dates, both go great with oatmeal].

I was thinking about spring and summer, what to do for my go to prep lunch, for now I have settles on soup!

I’ll keep you posted via Instagram about my soup addiction, also check my InstaGram for meal and snack ideas. And don’t be ashamed to ask, I love to share my recipes and ideas, and if you have good ones to share please do #foodisgood #foodisfuel.



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