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Lumea update #arms&underarm

Today I’ll do my Lumea update in English just to keep everybody updated. Today it was time to do the arms and underarm area again. As always I started with washing, shaving and then drying and I believe the booklet states that if the area you want tot treat is wet it hurts more, so dry off well.

The shaving was easy yet again, there is near to nothing left to shave off so I just ran the razor ever so softly over my skin to avoid as much irritation of the skin as possible. I used a clean towel and dried thoroughly and then I just waited a minute or two to make sure everything is dry.

I like the look of my arms and armpits very much now, there is almost no growth at all. Under my arms I counted 3 hairs all together. And I must say that the 5 o clock shadow under my arms is distinctively less and I am very pleased with that. I will reschedule my arms & armpits for another session in 3 weeks, if the 5 o clock shadow is even less then I will reschedule that next session 4 weeks after that, just to see what the results are.

Wouldn’t it be great, just zapping your arms & armpits once very 4 weeks?! Thee is heaven to I must say, and no more shaving rash and no hair where you don’t want is.

Well till next time,


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