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Philips Lumea Precision IPL #update

It was time for yet another update, just because I have experienced one down side of my Lumea Precision… really I have, I couldn’t believe it! Jut to ease you mind no complaints about the results or about the use of my Lumea my opinion hasn’t changed about that at all.

When treating one of my armpits with the Lumea Precision a few days ago, the attachment that protects your skin from the heat of the IPL machine fell off, I didn’t notice in time and the hot end of the machine touched my skin just for a second. Wow…. that hurt immediately and I didn’t hesitate, I started cooling that little spot that instant. But the damage had been done, It took just a second but I burned my skin. It felt like a burn you get from your iron, you just nick your skin and you hurt for days. The armpit isn’t the best spot to wound yourself, it is real sensitive area and you irritate the wound every time you move your arm or your clothing shaves over the area.

To be fair to my Lumea, the armpit is the most inconvenient area to treat and I took the short cut.  I should have lifted the machine off of my skin, instead of sort of shaving it from one spot to another. By shaving it over my skin in the crease of my under arm area the extension just came off, it was a stupid unneccesary accident. But I still think I should share this with you because it can happen and the whole purpose of my reviews and updates is to inform others.

No pictures as you can understand, just a bit of a warning to those who have or want to purchase the Lumea.



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