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Lumea IPL #update

Today I want to write an update about my Lumea IPL experience and the status of my body hair or rather the lack of body hair.

1. I haven’t done my under nose area, should have done it this week but I had a cold sore under my nose and I didn’t want to zapp the still sensitive tissue there. So I will try and do it this upcoming week.

2. Friday and saturday it was time tot do the legs, arms and armpits, I just didn’t have time during the day and the evenings were filled with activities outside the home. Would have been strange me using my IPL during a birthday party. It’s easy to take with you but I don’t think it’s appropriate 😉

3. So I will be doing the armpits and arms this evening, just wanted to let you know that the arms (last zapp time is over 3 week ago) are as good as hairless. Few hairs have grown out, but just a fix mm. I tried to take a picture but it was nog clear enough and frankly it’s kind of disgusting. The picture I took of my armpits was even more disgusting, so I won’t be posting those either. It was 3 weeks ago that I did my armpits last (should have done ‘m after 2 weeks) and I think that 99% of the hair did nog yet grow out at all, I literally have just about 5 or 6 hairs still growing out. It is amazing I have to say. I am so happy with the result.

4. My legs I will try and do this week, pictures of my leg were nog good either, I will try again before I zapp them but trust me, it’s just not nice.

There is nothing else to say then that I am very happy with the results.




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