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Philips Lumea Precision IPL #update

It is time for a general update on the use of my Lumea Precision IPL hair removal system aka. Lumea. I am very happy with my Lumea, it’s a dream come true, and it is so much better than shaving or waxing…. I hate waxing and shaving not so much, but I just hated the frequency and the poor results.

For me this is the best method ever, as I am already very pleased with my results, I would be over the moon if it got even better. I must say I am working all the areas every other week instead of the 3 week interval before, as the summer is coming up. So I can’t say anything about how long the hair stays away now, I will do some tests en comparisons after the summer. Now I’m just concentrating on getting the best results for summer.

And what I love the most is that you charge the Lumea and when it’s charged you can get to work, you don’t need gels of creams only a clean and hair free surface. It really is that easy and quick.





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