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WojisOnBeauty Anniversary | This time I was prepared #wojisonbeautythelastfewyears

I wrote about my blog anniversary last year, and my plans for my blog. It all turned out differently, not completely, just not exactly. That by the way is my lesson on planning ahead, it just won’t work out if you have to balance more than possible in a set timeframe. I InstaBlog quite a bit, I started micro review on stuff I like, works well for me. I can update the world on my vies in a few stolen moment, it doesn’t take as much time as a post, and it makes blogging on the go possible. I still take quite a few pictures, I have noticed over the years I tend to skip the most important stuff, as I not holding my phone standby when I am enjoying life. Which is a good thing, but I might have taken it a step too far, as most of my pictures are of weightlifting, food, coffee, and pretty sizzle along the way. Has it been so long since I took a selfie, did I forget to take a picture of my outfit, or my lipstick… I even skipped my red lips december this year… I just didn’t think I had to do in exactly in december. On this day in 2012 my life changed, I changed, I made the change, and it’s been a ride forward from there. Goals have been met, goals have been reset, focus was reshaped, and most important, my priorities for life were recalibrated. That stuck, and my camera role changed with it. To share what I’ve been up to the last few year, a special anniversary ‘A week in the life of’ the last few years version. Enjoy, and don’t miss my view on this crazy world on Insta, I’m a hoot!

The pictures got shuffled about a bit, but that is not so important, it would take me an hour to get it untangled, and I just didn’t want to spend more time on it. WordPress and I haven’t been the best of friends ever. Especially when it comes to media galleries and adding pictures. No worries, they pictures tell their own story. Keep an eye out for some of my favourite products, and my box apparel.

Getting older, and washing my hair more because I go to the box 5 to 6 times a week takes a tole, haircare is very important, the 5 Sent Oil works a charme. The smell is more than enough to keep you from using perfume. I love this product, and have bought my second bottle, still use mu Rene Furterer regularly. If you haven’t tried it, and you are looking for a great combo product, this one is amazing for keeping those annoying split ends at bay.

My Blender Bottle, still enjoy this little shaker. Looking back for the one scoop shake I should have bought a bigger one, but still, it comes in very handy for half scoops, and it never leaks. Opening it is very tricky, it locks quite tight. Shakes very wel, and I love the red color.

Went from very long to very short to very long again, cannot be bothered to take care of my hair when it gets really long, I just cut it short. I change my color regularly, that makes my hair dry out, and then its quite a task to get it back on point. Did love this color and length on me, just was very summery.

Couldn’t resist!

I smile a lot, I try to make a point of it, there is humor in everything, there is something to smile about every day. Just enjoying the little things, people, and my surroundings makes me smile.

Still use Paula’s Choice every day, have done for year. If you want a good no nonsense skincare regime, check Paula’s out, there is skincare for all skin-types.

The shoes, I loved my yellow lifters!

Food prep, hand care, body care, rest, not just shoes and apparel.

Tattoo Liner for the win, this is suck a gorgeous product to use, direct on eyelids of over eyeshadow. Won’t let you down.

Don’t get mad, get crazy 🙂

Made with love, a good motto to live and bake by.

Still am a big advocate for SPF products, I use them all year round. The body oil from La Roche Posay is one of my go to oils, as it doesn’t irritate my skin, and it helps protect me from sun rash and allergies. Serozinc I use regularly, it is so refreshing, I love it. It helps breakouts and it makes huge difference in my skincare routine.

Jurkjes en Rokjes maart, almost the whole month of march, I posted all my outfits on Instagram, will do this year if you care to join me. My rainbow dress is still up there, wouldn’t want to miss her.


Crossfit makes me fly, and when I fly I smile and shine [just don’t forget your sun care].

Our little sweetie, isn’t he handsome.

It doesn’t all have to be perfect, its the inside that counts, not the outside.

Goals and gainz baby! Not just Crossfit, but also Weightlifting, it all takes time and practice, enjoy the journey, we have only just started. Most of my blogging time has gone in to my Crossfit and Weightlifting. My health is my number one priority, and the only thing I was willing to give up is blogging as much as I did at the time.

Friends & Fun.

One thing I make time for is my journal, it helps me keep perspective, and keeps my focus on my priorities.

All the shoes, I know… if it wasn’t enough. All the shoes and outfits, I do take my Crossfit seriously.

Time together, just having fun. That is what it’s all about. All the hard work, every day.

I should have told you earlier, I bought a Miele vacuum cleaner again, I just wasn’t happy with my cyclone one.. Miele, er is geen betere! I love my C3, together with Roomba and Neato, our house practically keeps itself clean.

Hard work pays off, I AM BAKC BABY! That is how I felt about 1,5 years into Crossfit. Fitter then ever, eating healthy, and building muscle. I couldn’t believe it, I can now, I rock the swizzle out of life.

It is really that simple, even if you do a 80/20 ratio you are good. Not just for me, but also for my family. Needs do as you do, not as you say.

I love this picture, the smile on my face says it all.

Doing cool sizzle all the time, even at work. This is big people, this is big.

I think I must write a separate post on my cleaning, I have so much to tell you guys. Ecover is just one of them, you can’t go wrong with Ecover, the products work, smell good and don’t hurt your hands.

I love going to the beach in the evening, the water is so warm, watching the sun go down. It relaxes me, the sea does that you know… always has. The sound, the smell, it’s magical.


Climb some walls, you’ll see its not easy, but doable.

We didn’t own much books when I was a child, I used to go to the library to get books to read. One of my favourite books was Anne of Green Gables. To now own the series in English is just heavenly. I read as much as I can, and I love reading books over and over again. Digital is cool, perfect for on holiday, at home I love to hold books, flick through the pages, reread passages. I love books.

I may change my color, but I’ll never change my smile.

I refought the Kerastase Resistance line again, my hear needed a boost, and quick… I was on the verge of cutting it all off again. Nothing works as quick as these beauties do. I wrote a micro review of them on my InstaGram, more will come over the coming weeks. My hair looks and feels amazing, Kerastase works well with my other secret weapons.

Small step accumulate to big ones, never give up, never give in. By the way, you can look good and color coordinated whilst doing it.

The secret to keeping your natural lashes, Little Black Primer, I go for weeks using just this big hero. Then when my lashes are back in form, I just use other products over it when needed. It works for me in no time, as my lashes are quite long en pretty full naturally. I find LBP to be very kind to my lashes, the keep longer, fall out less, thus in mint condition.


Berlin, I love you, and we will see each other again. What a marvellous trip, loved it – with my buddies The O’neills.

My new lifters, red and black and shiny. My new daily skin care routine on point. I keep my Insta-Friend updated btw, as much as possible.

If you have any questions about the pictures, just ask, except for the shoes, you know!

Taking care of my hands is quite a task, but it has to be done. With my anti calluses regime I am in the clear. Celebrate the smaal achievements, those will add up to the big goal.

Be rogue if you want to, nothing wrong with that.

May change the length of my hair, may change the color of my hair, but I’m still the same inside.



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