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Bathroom Beliefs | My body failed me!

I was thinking about this while cleaning our bathroom, I was thinking of it being a workout, and getting my bathroom clean at the same time. Thinking about the stance of my feet, dividing the work over both my arms, and how working hard in the box makes everyday tasks easier. Then it came back to me, a specific conversation I had where I was explaining about my body and that it failed me. It took me back when I was crying about not being able to clean my house, care for my family, the moments I felt my body failed me. “My body failed me”, think about it for a second, let the destress sink in.

Personally, I don’t like using this fraise, it makes it sound like you are blaming/shaming your body. And that is why it just doesn’t sit well in my mind. But I certainly have used this fraise in the past, after my caesarean section for instance or during my first pregnancy, after my acute appendicitis operation, moments where I felt like my body failed me. Soon enough I realized this was not the case, my body didn’t fail me, this was the result of unexpected things happening to me, and my body coping the best way it could. My task was to help heal it, by taking enough rest, feeding it with the best food possible and giving it time to recover. As anybody, I expected my body to keep on going as it always has, not having an immobilizing experience before.

Bathroom Beliefs

Other times, where I have felt my body failed me, it didn’t! I’m glad it never took me long to realize, that I had failed my body.  And that is my point exactly, we often fail our body, not the other way around. When you don’t rest enough, don’t sleep enough, don’t nourish enough, you fail your body. The human body is a mighty and powerful machine, it needs rest and good food, for you to use it to its full potential. If you are not giving your body what it needs, what makes it able to achieve its most efficient level, you are failing your body. Then expecting it to do what it has always done, or even more, after depleting reserves or not replenishing them is crazy. It is total madness even, we expect we can keep on doing as we did, even if we are not taking care of the equipment.

Now, to give it a real-life perspective, as it is hard to do what is best for you and your body. When you are young, shizzle works, and you “can do whatever you want”. Then you get older, the same shizzle takes more effort, most of the time people gain weight, and lose muscle. We just blame it on age, it goes with getting older, we all have it, and just move on. But if you are honest to yourself, did you make the best choices every time, could you have done better? Does your diet contain enough greens and fruit, or are you on a grain-based diet? Time doesn’t creep by, it runs as fast as it can, and before you know it a decade has gone by. That is ten years of not giving your body what it needs. A car would not go as it did when it was new that long if you didn’t oil up, give it an overhaul once in a while, and made sure you replaced certain parts in time.

My perspective is that most people know this, but just don’t realize until it’s too late, except the excuse of age, and learn to live with it. I hear a lot of… just make the best of it… aka keep on going as you are now, and hope for the best. There is no active intervention, there is no looking into other options, not even making things “not worse”. How is it that most people choose to keep heading the same course? Would you not steer the other way if you knew you were going to hit a brick wall? I was thinking about that today, while I was cleaning our bathroom. Why is the worst scenario easier? I think it has to do with short-term and long-term goals, we chose instant gratification. Our brain is wired this way, or we have learnt to react this way, we have lost the need to be our best us, for hunting, for prosperity, and for longevity. Our society has fallen for the easy way out, we think the medical world can cure us of all ailments. But my view is that medicine is the last stage, your last hope, when all has failed that is what is left. We should be concentrating on preventing getting ill, preventing getting immobile, preventing on becoming weak. We should stop failing our body, we should at least stop saying our body failed us.



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