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CrossFit didn’t change my life, really it didn’t. I hear that a lot around me, I read a lot about how CrossFit changes lives, but I think that is wrong. I went for the whole CrossFit ride, soaked in the atmosphere, did all the things I thought I needed to do. I even embraced the community, and made myself a part of it, because let’s be honest, community goes with CrossFit, and CrossFit is one big family. After about 1,5 years in to the whole thing it hit me one night after training. I was driving home, exhausted, sweating and pondering my life, and where I let my life take me. The ups and down, the good the bad, and yes… the ugly. There it was clear as day, it didn’t even smack me in the head, it was just there. I changed my life. It was me, I changed my life! Holy smokes, this is big, I need to write about this, tell people! (… you see how it works, it’s an avalanche of great decisions and positive outcomes that pours out, right one action after another…).

keep on grinding, never give up on your goals
keep on grinding, never give up on your goals

It was my answer to no particular question, I wasn’t questioning the subject, not even a second. I had found CrossFit and it was a perfect fit, I loved it, stuck at it, grinded and grinded, and I still do, almost every day. It turned out that it sparked my passion, the things I saw people do, and still, inspire me to chase the skills. Turns out it was all I ever needed from a sport, activity, hobby to spark my inside power. I do believe people do it, it’s in you, it just needs to get out. I made the decision that I wanted to learn all the skills of a CrossFit athlete, and to change my life, as I was not happy the way it was going. I realize I’m the only one that can do so, not even CrossFit, and its community can do it for me. This is not just a saying, it’s living it, an ‘I can do it’ mentality, but on a very personal level. And that was it, one of the most profound moments in my life. I went on doing my thing, grinding away at goals, with this (re)-found magical spark in the back of my mind, I do shizzle, I make my shizzle happen, I work hard for the shizzle. And that makes everything more fun, enjoyable, and very much easier. And after that moment it just made even more pieces fall into place. It’s all so easy when you know you are in charge, and you make the changes. No, let me rephrase that, it doesn’t make it all easier, it just makes the self doubt go away, that little voice in your head that says you can’t or it’s not worth it… that ebbs away to the background, and as soon as it’s back, you burry it in the knowledge that you can do it, and you are in charge! One decision at a time, all small changes accumulate to a big one. You need to chip away at that goal you have set, you can’t make it all happen in one day. Remember the Romans, they didn’t build their empire in a few weeks, they grinded, sacrificed and focused on the end goal.

Let me elaborate, it’s not CrossFit, it could be a million different other things, sports and activities. If you want to learn how to ride a longboard (yep, one of my little fun goals for spring) then do it, take the first step, and grind away at the practice until you are satisfied with the result. CrossFit is a means, a tool, an activity that fitted all my needs and wishes, it made so much sense to me. It doesn’t mean it will for you, you need to find your passion(s), and when you do, do not give up, keep at it. But dream big, as big as you can, then connect the goas, and start working on it them piece by piece. Every step in the process is one you need to take; you can’t build a sturdy house on a shabby foundation. Build, enjoy, share, work, love, and never stop dreaming.

I read somewhere that we should never judge potential. There is no way you can measure upfront what potential can do. Don’t smother it, don’t restrict it, do not demean it. Potential needs to be nourished, and cared for, for it is a powerful thing. For potential to reach its highest level, it must be set free totally. Goals are set to be reached, you never know if you can’t reach them unless you try, and try and keep on trying. Sometimes you need to sidestep for a moment and take the tome to learning a new skill, so you can keep on working on a set goal; don’t give up keep on doing it!

Now back to CrossFit not changing my life… with CrossFit as my tool, my fall-back safe haven, my piece of the puzzle, I rekindled my fire, my endless curiosity, my inner power that I had lost. You know how it seems like everybody around you tells you how you should just accept shizzle. For me it was getting older, fatter, slower, how your body will ache and let you down a little bit more each year, and that there is nothing you can do about it, and that it comes with age… bla bla except it bla bla. Well true, if you just let it, and don’t have a plan into place. I plan to not use a walker for as long as I can, to live a healthy and active life, and be as fit and strong as my training will allow me, and to never give up. My health is my biggest asset, and that being my highest goal, makes a lot of decisions very easy. CrossFit has made me stronger then I ever imagined I could be, it brought me back to a level I never thought I’d get back at, and then it lifted me even higher. Mentally and physically CrossFit and me took me higher then I imagined I could go, and you know what… I am still rising!



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