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My WojisOnBeauty anniversary came and went


My WojisOnBeauty anniversary came and went. There it was, on screen, 6 years WojisOnBeauty. I couldn’t believe it, had it been so long? I was still pondering on if I was going to blog still, yes read still, not again, still. Before I had realized, a whole year went by, more even. To be totally honest, I haven’t missed the whole beauty thing, I missed the writing, but even still I was not sure I wanted to blog/write/share of me anymore.

February 2018, almost March… and you know what that means, March is the Jurkjes&RokjesMaart, which I also miss. My annual dresses and skirts month, where we inspire each other to wear what we bought and maybe are not wearing because we are scared to, or to self conscious, insecure even maybe. I could go on explaining, but I choose to just do it, most ladies joining in also just jump and plunge. This year the event will be opened on the WojisOnBeauty Facebook page as usual, it’s fun, it’s satisfying so be-w(e)areJ.

I don’t want to say I’m back, because to me I wasn’t gone, I just needed some time to prioritise things, and get my values on point, and invest in them the time and me as much as they deserve. Sounds fruity maybe, but I found out I made my life so complicated, and it was just not worth it, so why not cut out what is not worth it… but I digress.

I love WojisOnBeauty, I still love why I started WojisOnBeauty, and I value what it stands for to me. Back to my core values, and I have a million ideas to write about, so I have decided to just do so. I will share a little bit of me, and my world, and I hope to inspire you to do the same. It doesn’t cost a thing, just a little effort and a smile. We all know sharing is caring.

Beauty comes from within, it just does, but it shines and shows on the outside as soon as you share it. Sounds weird, it’s just the way it works for me, and you know what, it’s as easy as it sounds. There is no secret, really there isn’t, you just do it, start somewhere, so how about now. Start with a smile my beauties.

Now I hear you thinking, what now? I don’t know, I shall wing it as they say. I do not have a set plan on what to write, I just know I want to write. My love affair with lipstick needs some time, the #foodisgood tag will need some serious mention, and of course Crossfit. Crossfit is the reason WojisOnBeauty as it was, is no more.

My daughter sang the following lyrics this evening, it inspired me: “guess who’s back, back again… she is back, tell a friend!”.



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