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Lumea – Leg update

It was time for zapping my legs, although there was not much hair growing. I must say that the hairs that grew out was about 6 mm long. so it was really time to get to work. Just to be accurate, I did skip an extra week because I didn’t feel like it and the sun is still hiding in Holland.

So as you know it takes just about 10 minutes to do both legs from the ankle to the knee, front and back. I just do the whole leg and I don’t skip any areas, so the hair stays away as long as possible.I just wanted to let you know how smooth my legs are, and how little hair is growing back already.

We had an 90 day trial offer in Holland for the Lumea IPL (, that is a wonderful way of getting to know the Lumea and to see if it works for you. I’m not sure about other counties but maybe you could just mail Philips and ask.



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